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Sherlock And Me

<Child's Name> Solves the Mystery of the Dangerous Sandwich at <School Name>

Digital Version

Ben Franklin Book Award Winner

(also available in paperback)

Welcome to Sherlock And Me, the interactive e-book mysteries in which your child:

  • chooses where to go and how to solve the case
  • interacts with the book on so many levels

Printed versions available, as well.

Give an elementary school child a gift that will last a lifetime:
an excitement for reading!

Guaranteed to delight both you and your child or your money back!

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A book for grades K-6
The book is interactive and each child may take a different path, deciding the best way to proceed.
  • Solve the mystery
  • Reading
  • Interactive Learning
  • Hidden-Picture Puzzles
  • Kids love reading about themselves, especially as the hero at their school.
  • Kids love a story that takes place in a familiar setting with a familiar character
  • Kids love the humor in the book
  • After deciding where to go and what to do, kids have a vested interest in the ending.
  • Reading is level-adjustable and there are additional interactive adventures in the illustrations, including hidden-picture-puzzles.

Written for ages 8-11, the book has a switch to make it an ages 5-7 "read-it-to-me" book, removing some of the deductive reasoning that is less enjoyable for the K-2 youngsters.

About the author:

Jeff Nathan is an award-winning children's author from Boston. He is the creator of the nationally acclaimed CurricuLaughs in Language Arts programming for elementary schools that applies music, performing arts, and heavy doses of HUMOR to attack language arts problem areas at each grade level. His school visit programming was just awarded the coveted Massachusetts STARS recognition for innovation in creative learning. You can see much more about him at the website

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Guaranteed to delight both you and your child or your money back!